Man Duo

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Two men. One vision.

Man Duo is the second coming of Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Long-Sam: cherished producers and good friends from Helsinki whose 2012 debut Amateurs de Vérité refracted outsider electronics through the prism of psychedelic folk. Now the pair are back with a new name and an enchanting new album, Orbit, that takes the exotic pop we’ve come to associate with both artists far beyond the dancefloor and out into the cosmos.

“Man Duo sounds more like a band instead of just two individuals,” says Sami Toroi, aka Long-Sam. “We used to go by the name Jaakko Eino Kalevi & Long-Sam – now it’s easier to see this as a unit of its own without confusing it with our solo careers.”

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Greetings from the bitter end

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TOMAGA channel various forms of multi-instrumentalism into music that moves by turns through industrial, jazz, psychedelia and minimalism, on it's way to somewhere wholly other. Devoted to musical exploration, this London based duo - Valentina Magaletti and Tom Relleen - obsessively deconstruct familiar tropes, looking for the tension that lies between improvisation and form. Following the release of their second album "The Shape Of The Dance" September 2016, TOMAGA will release a new four track EP 'Greetings from The Bitter End' which features two new songs and reworkings from good pals Shit and Shine and Cavern Of Anti-Matter. The impetus for the new EP came when the pair returned from recording the last album in Tuscany and acquired a marimba on arrival back in London, this unleashed a "tuned percussion journey" resulting in the mantra like 'Liberating Mania'. The title track is a more ambient and atmospheric affair - a textured build up of percussive parts and features Rick Tomlinson on hornet.

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Tom Furse

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Widely respected for his interesting and experimental side projects, The Horrors synthesist Tom Furse has today released an album of instrumentals, recorded entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesiser - only the second album of its kind in existence. Created in just one week, Tom Furse's 'Interludes' is a fun snapshot of his exploration of this technology, capturing the results how and when they happened, and presented in the order they were made. 

'Interludes' began as an experiment in producing short pieces of music for use on his NTS radio show, but Tom soon realised he'd inadvertently crafted an album's worth of work. Created between 9th-16th July of this year, the 16 track album was recorded in the order of the final tracklisting, with each piece informing the next. It is intended to be enjoyed as a whole, a reaction against the idea of the 'dying album'.

All music was improvised and recorded using only an OP-1 synthesiser - a newly acquired piece of music-technology esoterica that works more like a video game that a recording device. On the process, Tom comments:

"In many ways my unfamiliarity with the OP-1 was key, I had no ingrained habits and a decades worth of experience with synthesisers was somewhat irrelevant in front of a device that used, for instance, physical models of a tombola as a sequencer, or a driving game as a filter. This was not familiar territory, but simultaneously the whole process was very intuitive."

The pieces of music on 'Interludes' are not songs - they are part of a continuing investigation into alternative musical form and a dissolution of preconceived notions of genre, style and structure. Tom explains, "This is the musical area that intrigues me the most, and it's more recent creep into the mainstream has been both fascinating and inspiring to watch. Due to the primitive, 4 track cassette-like interface of the recording section of the OP-1, complicated arrangements were not really possible, so instead I committed to simple loops and keyboard passages, just trying to capture a moment. Without the luxury of careful editing, this meant getting it right first time or starting again all over - a far cry from my previous decade of experience using Ableton, with its many modern conveniences".

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Show Me The Body

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Show Me The Body is a NY hardcore band. They are based in Queens and part of Letter Racer collective. Following the release of Yellow Kidney, the band is back with their new release SMTB.

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Come In

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GEoRGiA is the moniker of London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Georgia Barnes.

Her debut EP 'Come In' - written and recorded entirely by herself in her home studio - is set for release physically on 12" vinyl and digitally through Kaya Kaya.

GEoRGiA cut her teeth drumming with Kwes and can also be found playing with Kate Tempest, Micachu and the Shapes and Kaya Kaya co-founder Cherish’s band JUCE.

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Gwilym Gold

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Muscle was the first new recorded material from Gwilym Gold since the release of the ground-breaking TENDER METAL project in 2012. A pioneering musical piece available exclusively in BRONZE - the generative-music format created by Gwilym Gold with producer Lexxx - which reinterprets songs in real time, manipulating all aspects of the sound to open up a world of unprecedented musical possibilities. As an idea, it remains truly ahead of its time. Muscle is available digitally through Kaya Kaya, and on 12" vinyl and limited edition formats as the first release on HYMN, a new record label founded by artist Eddie Peake in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory. All versions come backed with a remix of Muscle by Beam.

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Drifter / Shibuya
Beat Culture

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Beat Culture is the moniker of producer and instrumentalist Sunik Kim, whose exposure to a variety of cities has informed his eclectic sound, which often seems to be on the verge of unraveling, chaotic, and abrasive as much as it is streamlined and pop-minded.

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Rejjie Snow

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Rejjie Snow is anything but your ordinary hip hop artist. This talented 20 year-old rapper is being touted as the next star to shoot out of the Emerald Isle. He's already gaining a following in the UK and spreading his rhymes slowly across the European continent.

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Need Someone
Stubborn Heart

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It had been over a year since their mysterious and now highly sought after debut white label 12" appeared in only a handful of the UK's independent record stores. The information-less, hand-stamped record gave nothing away but the music itself, which in turn created a wave of interest from all over the world. Stubborn Heart make compelling electronic soul music from the heart. They are Luca Santucci and Ben Fitzgerald.

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Glass Animals

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Glass Animals draw influence for both music and artwork from medicine and neuroscience, creating a sound with its roots spread between the electronic and live instrumentation.

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